Public bodies now need to consider the public sector equality duty in their decision making.  In an era of funding cuts the question is when should that duty be carried out and how?  Bevan Brittan is the largest provider of legal services to the public sector and we understand the application of this duty to budget setting and implementation.  We have also acted on a number of high profile consultation and equality court cases which have taken place this year.  We can offer training, either directly to your executive team, or by way of a seminar, which can be tailored to your needs.  The purpose is to give you guidance on how to comply with the equality duty and minimise the risk of legal challenge. 

Topics covered include:

  • what does the equality duty mean?
  • how early in decision-making or policy setting should the duty be considered?
  • how do we minimise the risk of legal challenge?
  • what can we learn from recent examples of councils suing and being sued over decisions to rationalise services?
  • what is the application to budget setting and implementation.

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