Dental Performers have been setting up limited companies in order to provide dental services. This arrangement requires consent; without notification that this is happening, problems can arise for commissioners. Limited companies do not fall within the definition of a Type 1 Dental Practitioner for the purposes of the NHS Pension Scheme regulations and consequently the Dental Performer is no longer eligible to receive NHS superannuation for the work performed via the limited company. We have produced a briefing note (email for a copy) which discusses the issues and options available.

Two issues arising in relation to dental contracts:

1. dental providers are being over-paid by commissioners; and

2. consent to sub-contract clinical services is not being obtained from commissioners, as it must be.

Nevertheless, many dental providers do not know this and continue claiming for superannuation contributions which are intended to apply to practice staff only. Unless the commissioner has been informed of the sub-contracting arrangements, the commissioner will have no way of knowing whether claims for payments are inflated and whether over-payments have resulted.

How can we help?

Bevan Brittan has produced a briefing note (email for a copy)  on the issues above and how you can ensure you're not paying more than you should, please click here and you will be sent a copy. Our commercial team would be happy to assist commissioners with how to approach these issues, including reviewing current dental contract arrangements and analysing the potential for savings to be made. If you would like to talk to us about managing your contracts more effectively please do contact us.