On 1 April 2013 the assets and liabilities of PCTs and SHAs were transferred to the relevant receivers. However, there will be circumstances where the receiver identified in the Transfer Scheme may not be appropriate. This may be where PCTs were told that changes requested prior to 1 April would not be included and would need to be dealt with through rectification process. Alternatively it may be that the need to change the receiver has come to light since receipt of the final Transfer Scheme.

The Secretary of State has power to make amendments to the Transfer Scheme provided that the amendments are also approved by the current receiver.   

If there are any changes that you think are required to be made to a Transfer Scheme you must contact your regional Legacy Management Team as soon as possible.    This means that:

  • All receivers should undertake an appropriate due diligence exercise to check that they have received everything expected and nothing unexpected.
  • Any PCT closedown teams still in operation should identify any areas which they are aware require amendment.
  • Any changes should have been notified to your regional Legacy Management Team by Friday May 10th so any changes that have not yet been dealt with should be notified as soon as possible. Change requests should be submitted by way of a change request form.

If you have any questions or would like assistance on this matter then please do contact us.