The Government has announced changes to the Green Deal cash back scheme designed to incentivise households to embrace Green Deal and assist them in driving down fuel bills and carbon emissions.  After months of negative publicity, the announcement is welcomed although time will tell whether it is sufficient to generate sustained interest.

Under the revised scheme, the amount of money an Improver will get back on some Green Deal measures has increased.  In addition, the scope of the scheme has been extended so that applications for Green Deal cash back can now be submitted up to 30 June 2014, with a further three months (up to 30 September 2014) for households to install energy efficiency measures and redeem cash-back vouchers, giving them more time to take advantage of the scheme.

Following DECC's announcement the available cash back on some Green Deal measures has been increased so that up to:

  • £4,000 is now available for solid wall insulation, up from £650
  •  £1,000 for anyone needing ‘room in roof’ insulation, increased from £220
  •  £650 for households installing double glazing, from £320. 

DECC has also raised the cap on cash-back payments from 50 per cent of a household’s contribution towards costs, to two thirds, meaning more people could be eligible for the maximum cash-back level.