Complete set of procurement and contract documents to help you deliver Value for Money and minimise risk of challenge


When budget settlements are so tight, you need to run your procurements efficiently and to ensure that you pick the solution which offers the best value for money.  We can provide you with a coherent and easy to use set of procurement and contract documents tailored to your needs.   For a fixed fee, we can give you:

  • Documents which ensure you are up to date with the latest rules and regulations, such as the Public Contracts Regulations 2015, latest case law, the Modern Slavery Act, latest data and information law changes.
  • A complete set of documents from which you can pick and choose, but which also fit together neatly
  • Documents which enable your procurement teams to work independently and safely, because they contain guidance and drafting notes.  This enables "over your shoulder" legal advice to be incorporated at no extra cost as the documents take final shape.

We have many years' experience of tailoring procurement documents for Local Authority and other public sector clients so they can run procurements efficiently and easily, making sure a smooth and robust process is run that stands up to challenge.

Find out what the suite includes

Please contact us to discuss how our set of procurement and contract documents can help you save money and time.


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