CQC Consultation - "Registering Services for People with Learning Disabilities"

CQC Consultation briefing Part 3


Carlton Sadler

Carlton Sadler

Senior Associate

Part 3 of the consultation 'Registering services for learning disabilities' is relevant to both NHS and independent health and social care providers and appears to be an 'after the event' consultation highlighting changes which CQC has already made to its guidance on the registration of learning disability services 'Registering the right support' - http://www.cqc.org.uk/sites/default/files/20161220_AnnexB_Registeringtherightsupport_consultationannex.pdf.

The upshot of the changes is to give further prominence to the NHS England, Local Government Association and ADASS national plan "Building the Right Support" for the development and delivery of services for people with learning disabilities.  The plan, a response to the Winterbourne View scandal, aims to discourage long-term inpatient facilities and encourage small-scale housing (for six people or fewer) in facilities close to family members.  Whereas CQC's guidance had previously indicated that CQC would "have regard to" the principles in Building the Right Support when considering applications for registration, further weight is now given to the national plan and the revised guidance makes it clear that CQC 'expects' providers to comply with the national plan, and that those who do not "may find that registration is refused".

Providers will, therefore, need to pay even closer regard to ensuring that new services for people with learning disabilities fit with the model set out in the national plan and that there is commissioner demand for those services.  During a recent webinar on the consultation, however, CQC confirmed that there is likely to be more flexibility for services which do not comply with "Building the Right Support" in the case of applications to take over existing services where service users are already in situ.

If you wish to discuss these changes and what they mean for you, please contact: Carlton Sadler  


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