• Primary care is changing fast.

    No longer are patients prepared to dial in at 8am sharp to be told there are no appointments available that day. Instead they are turning to technology to keep on top of their healthcare.

    At this forum we will focus on how digital primary care models are revolutionising health delivery both in the independent sector and NHS. Virtual primary care services, in which patients consult with a doctor or nurse via email, text, phone or video can potentially offer a number of advantages over traditional models of primary care – convenience, speed of access, costs savings – but there are also undoubtedly challenges.

    In this session, we will explore what digital providers are currently getting right, what they can do better and how they can improve patient trust and engagement with digital health. We will also look at lessons we can learn from American, Australian and New Zealand models, and we’ll consider how the insurance and brokerage markets have responded to the rise in digital health.

    We will be joined by an expert panel of speakers including:

    16.30 - Arrival and registration
    17.00 - Welcome
    18.30 - Drinks reception
    20.00 - Close

    The Forum is intended to be an interactive session and an opportunity and safe space to exchange views, identify and explore key issues and share knowledge. Please email events@bevanbrittan.com with any queries.

    Please be aware that when registering you are not guaranteed a place until that has been confirmed by the events team as places for Digital Health Forum are limited. Our clients will have priority over non-clients but we will endeavour to increase capacity where we can to ensure that as many people as possible have a place. If the circumstance should arise that we are heavily oversubscribed on an event, we will limit the number of places per organisation; in which case you may be asked to liaise with your team to confirm preferred attendees. Should we have to do any of the above we will be in touch with you at least 2 weeks before the event date.