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  • I joined the firm in 2002 after practising as a lawyer in the public sector for over 20 years. During that time, I worked for four councils as an in-house lawyer, dealing with all aspects of public sector law and managing legal teams. I was a Returning Officer and Monitoring Officer and led major projects, working with cross disciplinary teams and elected councillors along with being a Director of a local government agency in Wales for three years.

    I specialise in working with public sector bodies with particular focus on the local government sector to assist on radical changes to the way they deliver services and use assets.  I provide advice on joint ventures, shared services and outsourcings, powers and responsibilities, standards and partnerships – particularly in the context of new ways of working involving corporate structures. Additionally, I have advised many clients on issues ranging from investigations into conduct and standards matters, to complex partnering arrangements with other public sector bodies or with the private sector.


    I regularly speak on commercialism in the public sector. This includes talking about strategies to assist the public bodies to become more entrepreneurial in their general approach and day-to-day business activities.

    I also provide lectures to public bodies on governance issues.

    Career Highlights

    • Over the past few years I have been advising on major public sector projects involving local bodies sharing services, setting up new companies to deliver services and raise revenue through new ways of working.

Sources describe Bethan as "one of the best lawyers in local government", adding that she is "very focused on local government, and knows what local government is thinking about."

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