Our Promises

At Bevan Brittan, the first thing we do is take the time to listen to our clients. We make sure we are clear about their objectives. And then we respond quickly, flexibly and creatively - with the right solutions.

This approach underpins our unique Client Promises – commitments we make to all our clients that are at the heart of what we do and how we do it.

1. To understand you
2. To provide solutions that contribute to your success
3. To give you fair pricing and clarity on costs
4. To give you the right team
5. To communicate clearly
6. To care about our relationship with you


We consulted widely on what our Client Promises should be, and we provide training, support and guidance to our people at every level to ensure we stick to them, for clients and also for each other.

Our Client Promises represent the values of our firm and our business. We ask our clients for feedback on how well we are living up to them. Then, if necessary, we make changes to ensure we continue to focus on the things you value most.

To the very best of our ability, we promise:

1. To understand you

  • Invest in understanding you
  • Study your business
  • Keep our whole team up-to-date
  • Take an active interest in your business
  • Make your problems our problems
  • Bring you constructive, relevant ideas

2. To provide solutions that contribute to your success

  • Use this understanding to get you where you need to be
  • Make sure that you know what you need to know to succeed
  • Support your in-house team
  • Ensure that you benefit from all our firm’s experience, talent and contacts
  • Deliver on time, working to your timetable
  • Make sure whatever we do adds value

3. To give you fair pricing and clarity on costs

  • Assign people of the right experience and level
  • Offer you alternative pricing structures
  • Estimate costs in advance and give you regular, timely updates
  • Make sure you always know what you are paying for
  • Bill you promptly with the information you need on the invoice

4. To give you the right team

  • Bring together the best mix of skills and experience, legal and non-legal, to meet your needs
  • Structure our team to fit the way you work, your team and your culture
  • Respect and adapt to your internal reporting and management structures

5. To communicate clearly

  • Listen first and understand the issues
  • Make sure we answer the questions
  • Explain things as clearly as possible
  • Warn you of unexpected problems
  • Help you to communicate with others

6. To care about our relationship with you

  • Ask you how well we are meeting your needs and what we can do to improve our service 
  • Listen – and respond quickly
  • Do all we can to give you what you need with good humour and with as little stress as possible
  • Remember – that we are all human

I am impressed by the team's comprehensive and joined up depth of knowledge, as well as their ability to deal with complex matters and new initiatives or peculiarities.



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