Responding to today’s update on the Goddard inquiry into allegations of historical child sexual abuse in public institutions in England and Wales, law firm Bevan Brittan underlined the huge scale of the challenge facing Justice Goddard.

Peter Steel, partner at Bevan Brittan, said: “The size and scope of this inquiry means that there is likely to be more evidence to consider than the Chilcot Report into the Iraq war – the evidence for which ran into the millions of pages.  It is a truly daunting undertaking, which Justice Goddard seems to be under no illusions about.

“The budget of £17.9 million for next year may sound large – but it will be a real challenge to ‘leave no stone unturned’ and keep within those limits. 

“For the local authorities and other public bodies facing scrutiny, it will also be a costly and difficult process.  The key will be to cooperate fully and openly, and put the unearthing of the historical truth first before everything else.”