Following the UK referendum vote to leave the European Union,

Duncan Weir, Managing Partner at law firm Bevan Brittan LLP, said:

"Our overriding sense – along with many other businesses - is that most of the impact of this vote to leave the European Union will only emerge over the mid-term, as the exit process becomes clear, and plans are made for the UK to leave the EU.

“Of course, industry sectors will react and be affected in different ways – but Bevan Brittan has a broad range of expertise, and will continue to provide legal support to its clients across those public, private and third sector markets in which we operate.

“Bevan Brittan remains a well-run, profitable and low debt business that is in a strong position to work through what is likely to be a period of some uncertainty.

“Our strategy is unchanged and clear: to grow our client base and revenues – and also expand through innovation and service delivery; developing our people; hiring the best talent; and expanding into new markets and geographies.”