• Wednesday 20th June 2018, 4.00pm for a 4.30pm start. Drinks and networking from 6.30pm. 

    Bevan Brittan's quarterly Digital Forum is part of a series of events bringing together providers, consumers, industry leaders and regulators operating in the health and care sector to share views and discuss key issues and emerging themes within the digital health tech space.  

    We are passionate about creating an informal but informative space to exchange ideas, identify and address opportunities and drive dialogue within an ever changing environment for the benefit of healthcare.  

    Our next Forum will be held at the Bevan Brittan London office on 20th June 2018 and will focus on the emerging issues regarding cyber security, the lessons learned from the Wannacry cyber attack in 2017 and some of the options to mitigate against such risks.  

    Delivering healthcare remotely via online platforms poses a unique set of opportunities and challenges. We are starting to see judicial criticism of the lack of safeguards in place to protect patients who access healthcare via these channels.  Managing cyber security risks are a key facet in delivering safe healthcare via digital channels

    The Forum is intended to be an interactive session and an opportunity to exchange views, identify and explore key issues and share knowledge in this developing sector. 

    We are currently confirming all guest speakers but in the meantime, look forward to hearing from;

    • John Dyer from Darktrace who will be speaking about the emerging trends in the healthcare cyber-threat landscape: Ransomware, insider threat and IoT compromise.
    • Carlton Sadler, Regulatory Specialist at Bevan Brittan who will be reflecting on the potential implications of GDPR on cyber security issues including risk management strategies. 
    • Phil Brown, Technical and Regulatory Director, Association of British Healthcare Industries.

    Please be aware that places for the digital health forum are limited. Our clients get priority over non clients but we will endeavour to increase capacity where we can to allow all those who wish to attend a place. Where we are heavily oversubscribed we will limit places to one or two people per organisation in which case you may be asked to liaise with your team. Should we have to do any of the above we will be in touch with you at least 2 weeks before the event date