Brexit - What now for Local Authorities?

We are waking to a very different future for politics, finance and governance in the UK.


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Lessons to be learned from the case of Energysolutions EU Ltd v...

by Jessica Irvine

Part 1: Record keeping in procurement

GP Practice fined £40,000 for data protection breach

by Jonathan Moore

A GP Practice has been fined £40,000 by the Information Commissioner's Office for disclosing a woman's confidential details to her...

Authority Update 12/8/16

by Claire Booth

Brief details of recent Government policy and legal developments relevant to those involved in local government work

Licensing fees - Advocate General delivers an ominous opinion for...

by Virginia Cooper

Councils could face ‘substantial’ bills for unlawful licence fees

The secret life of medication – are you ready for scrutiny about...

by Will Pickles

Will Pickles considers the recent AG Judgment from the Court of Protection dealing with the controversial topic of 'Covert...

Accommodation under the Care Act and the General Power of Competence

by David Owens

High Court decision raises important issues around the interface between the Care Act 2014 and the Localism Act 2011

Children - which decision counts?

by Hannah Taylor

It is a well-known principle in English law that a competent adult’s refusal to treatment cannot be overridden – no matter how...

Multi-Speciality Community Providers

by Vincent Buscemi

Emerging Care Model and Contract Framework

CMA position on Private Health consultant upheld

by David Owens

The court of appeal has rejected the latest challenge to the CMA's Private HealthCare market investigation

Waste Watch – June / July 2016

by Nadeem Arshad

Government and EU publications, legislation, cases and other developments in England and Wales relevant to those interested in...

Authority Update 29/7/16

by Claire Booth

Brief details of recent Government publications, legislation, cases and other developments relevant to those involved in local...

A step closer to breaking point?

by Ruth Atkinson-Wilks

The further widening of Deprivation of Liberty in the recent case of Staffordshire County Council v SRK [2016] EWCOP 27