• I specialise in regulatory and governance law and am also an expert in information law including DPA/GDPR, FOIA and EIR. I provide advice, training and support on regulation and governance to local government, as well as to NHS CCGs, National Park Authorities and Registered Social Landlords.

    My practice includes advising on conduct and ethical standards; vires and constitutional issues; complaints and investigations; information law (DPA/GDPR, FOIA and EIR); RIPA; governance and the democratic process. 

    Prior to joining Bevan Brittan I worked for a local authority for almost 13 years, the latter 6 of which I was the Deputy Monitoring Officer and Senior Information Risk Owner. During this time I frequently delivered advice requiring a high degree of political awareness and sensitivity, and advised upon and resolved many technical and contentious issues. 

    My in-house experience means that I am able to give practical advice reflecting both political context and the day to day issues experienced within the sector.