• Timings: 14:00- 17:00 (this seminar will be followed by lunch)
    Registration: 13:30- 14:00

    Location: Bevan Brittan office, Bristol

    The aim of this interactive seminar is to help commissioners of healthcare services get to grips with the new rules which are coming into force within April and in particular with:

    • Optimum timings for advertising and competing the services
    • Transparent and  non-discriminatory procedures
    • Relationship with the Monitor regime
    • Changes to the procedure
    • Risks and  risk management
    • Changes to contracts and consistency with the NHS standard from
    • New models of care

    Attending will help you understand the  way the new regime applies and how to navigate the new rules.  There will be a focus on practical advice and  the management of the risks for NHS procurement of health care.

    Key Speakers

    Emily Heard, Partner at Bevan Brittan LLP
    David Owens. Partner at Bevan Brittan LLP
    Susie Smith, Consultant for Bevan Brittan LLP

    Who should attend?

    • Directors  and Commissioning managers
    • Commissioning leads form  CSUs and LPF  bodies  
    Attending this seminar is FREE of charge

    CPD points: 3

    Please be aware that places for this seminar are limited and may be over subscribed. Our clients get priority over non clients but we will endeavour to increase capacity where we can to allow all those who wish to attend a place. Where we are heavily over subscribed we will limit places to two people per organisation.
Published 18/04/2016