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Policy, law and news relevant to those involved in health and social care work


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Employment Status Update

by Sarah Lamont

CC (by his litigation friend MC) v Leeds City Council CC [2018] EWHC...

by James Manning

CMA issue final advice on care homes charging fees

by David Owens

Health and Social Care Update - June 2018

by Claire Bentley

Policy and law relevant to those involved in health and social care work.

Authority Update 8/6/18

Brief details of recent policy and legal developments relevant to those involved in local government work

Section 20 service charge consultation

by Steven Eccles

Section 20 service charge consultation: is it ever necessary to re-consult, and if so, when? (Reedbase v Fattal [2018])

How enforceable are no oral variation clauses?

by Louise Robling

King's Fund Report on Next Steps for Social Care Funding

by Monica Macheng

HSE and CQC Prosecutions for Health and Safety: Guidance for Public...

by Hannah Taylor

Reducing the Number of Compulsory Admissions: Positive Changes for...

by Alice O'Donoghue

Surrogacy, Adoption, and Information Governance

by Julia Jones

Introduction to CTO Recall: Part 2

by Clementine Robertshaw