• No organisation can avoid receiving a complaint. The management of complaints however will impact on the organisations reputation, quality of service and even staff morale. What starts as a minor grievance can rapidly escalate into a major conflict unless those issues are addressed to the satisfaction of the complainant.

    Our Medical Law Complaints Specialists have a wealth of experience in the dealing with complex complaints and are frequently instructed on behalf of organisations to advise on strategy, management of vexatious complainants and associated topics including –

    - Review of Complaints Policies;
    - Compliance with the NHS Complaints Regulations (1st Stage)
    - Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman referrals (2nd Stage);
    - Resolution of long-term or multi-faceted complaints;
    - Subject Access Requests by complainants/prospective complainants;
    - Freedom of Information Requests by complainants/prospective complaints;
    - Vexatious complaints, harassment and intimidation;
    - Mediation;
    - Training for staff in managing complaints; and
    - Injunctive Relief.


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