Authority Update

Briefing of Government publications, legislation, cases and other developments relevant to those involved in local government work.

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Procurement Challenges - Price/Quality Evaluations

by Emily Heard

Authority Update 16/6/17

by Claire Booth

Brief details of recent policy and legal developments relevant to those involved in local government work

A host of unknowns facing the independent care market

by Christopher Jarman

Key Obstetric Case Summaries

by Hannah Taylor

A trio of obstetric case summaries in the Court of Protection

Pharmaceutical Services

by Vincent Buscemi

Update June 2017

Scarfe & Ors, R (on the application of) v HMP Woodhill & Anor [2017]...

by Emma Timmons

Definition of 'Systemic Failings'

2016 Obstetric Court of Protection cases roundup – How to weigh P's...

by Hannah Taylor

Managing Professional Differences for Children’s Safeguarding...

by Deborah Jeremiah

Policing and Crime Act 2017 – Are you ready?

by Claire Bentley

Changes in the Insurance Landscape

by Thomas Weld

Actual -v- forecast costs: assessing the effect of retrospective...

by Jessica Evans

Health and Social Care Update - June 2017

by Claire Bentley

Policy and law relevant to those involved in health and social care work.