If you are a public sector body or a supplier to the public sector you are likely to be very familiar with the current EU procurement rules which play a major part in the tendering of public contracts. But are you aware that the EU is in the final stages of negotiations on a new Public Sector Procurement Directive which will radically change the procurement rules which you have probably spent a number of years getting to grips with?

A new Public Sector Procurement Directive, along with a revised Utilities Directive and a new Directive covering concessions, is likely to be adopted in early 2013. The UK will then have 24 months to implement the new Directives but we may well face new rules earlier than that if the UK government is an early implementer. This means that you need to start thinking now about how the new rules will impact on your organisation.

We have prepared a summary guide on the current state of play. This summary will give you an indication of what’s in store.

 Download our summary of the draft Public Sector Procurement DirectiveIf you would you like to talk to us about what this means for your organisation, please contact Elizabeth Cooper or Susie Smith.