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Improving communication between NHS trusts and bereaved families

by Claire Bentley

An Overview of the Joint Committee on Human Rights' Report Regarding...

by Ruth Atkinson-Wilks

The DOLS Replacement Bill: A Quick Guide

by Ruth Atkinson-Wilks

Overage Update: Sparks v Biden

by Gary Wales

Combustible Cladding Removal - Who will pay the cost?

by Neil Brand

Royal Mencap Society v Tomlinson-Blake: 'sleep in' payments and the...

by Jodie Sinclair

13 July 2018

UPDATE – MHCLG has already replaced the new 'How to Rent' Booklet

by Neil Brand

Health and Social Care Update - July 2018

by Claire Bentley

Policy and law relevant to those involved in health and social care work.

Combustible Cladding Consultation

by Neil Brand

An opportunity to give your input

When health tech goes wrong: who pays for patient harm in the world of...

by Dan Morris

Gross Negligence Manslaughter in Healthcare – killing our opportunity...

by Debbie Rookes

Seni's Law: MPs approve additional measures for the oversight and...

by Sumayyah Malna