• Timings: 10:00 - 13:00 (the seminar will be followed by a networking lunch reception)
    Registration: 09:30-10:00

    Venue: Bevan Brittan office, London

    This is a seminar exploring mediation in the commercial context. Many contracts specifically refer to the need for parties to consider mediation in a dispute escalation process. In other instances, the parties may simply wish to explore Alternative Dispute Resolution methods including mediation as a means of settling a dispute.  

    We will look at what mediation means and how it can be used to either dispense with disputes before they escalate or to settle cases going through court or arbitration. In doing so we will draw on our experience of mediation in the construction, infrastructure and IT sectors in particular.  


    Key Topics

    • An introduction to mediation. What is mediation? Why use it and when to use it? What are the other forms of ADR available?
    • Looking at mediation from the mediator's perspective – how do people become mediators? How you would approach mediation from the mediator's perspective and what you would expect from the parties.
    • How to address issues through mediation before they escalate
    • Mediation case study – what works and what does not

    Who Should Attend?

    • Commercial Directors & Managers

    • Project Managers

    • Heads of Legal

    • Directors

    • Finance Directors

    CPD Points: 3
    Attending this seminar is FREE of charge

    Refreshments will be provided at registration. This seminar will be followed by a networking lunch so please do not forget to let us know of your dietary requirements.

    Attending this event is FREE of charge

    Please be aware that places for our seminars are limited and are often over subscribed. Our clients get priority over non clients but we will endeavour to increase capacity where we can to allow all those who wish to attend a place. Where we are heavily over subscribed we will limit places to two people per organisation.
Published 28/03/2017