• I am head of the firm's Local Government team and a recognised local government expert on commercialisation, strategic partnering and place based schemes. I am a specialist in PFI/ PPP and outsourcing models. As practise lead, I am responsible for client relationships and business development to government, national and local, independent organisations bidding back into these markets.

    I have advised on more than 90 PPP and outsourcing projects and procurements including being the creator of Building Schools for the Future model.

    In the last year I have advised on proposed partnerships for local authorities with annual budgets amounting to more than £1 billion. In the same period, I advised private sector bidders to win annual contracts worth more than £100m.

    Being familiar with the political, economic and legislative landscape I am supporting clients on alternative methods and models of service delivery (outsourcing, joint ventures, commissioning only council models and procurements), regeneration, use of assets and funding structures including the implications and opportunities under Devolution.


    Clients have said

    "David’s strongest skill is his client management. He is very personable with a great deal of fortitude. I find him always very positive and seems to fully commit himself. I have never seen him drop his professionalism. He is very easy to work with."

    "One of the good things about David is that he is regularly involved so can reinterpret objectives for us by asking questions and making suggestions."

    "David is very likeable, very good in meetings - he inspires confidence and is a capable lead."

    " Your support and that of your team has been absolutely excellent. Many thanks indeed for your personal commitment. I have really enjoyed working with you."


    Career highlights

    • Advising Nottinghamshire County Council on the creation of its joint venture with Cornwall Council for the delivery of its highways services.
    • Advising Northamptonshire County Council on its Next Generation commissioning model.



    I have published articles including:
    New transport links risk by-passing local communities
    The importance of Place and Revenue Growth for Local Government
    Councils deserve a better deal after Carillion's collapse




Finds solutions to get the deal done rather than throwing hurdles in the way.  He is very much a team player and will always offer positive and constructive suggestions to move a project forward.

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